100 followers fansigns/imagine/promo contest thingy!!

So my dear little followers as you may or may not know I hit 100 followers about a week ago so in celebration I decided to do this.

What the Pictures Mean

The fansign is an example of one of the prizes, I used my friend Chrissy, darkrai-mew as the example. The wall is where I shall be putting them.

How to Win

The rules are that every reblog counts as one “entry”. So if you reblog ten times, you entered ten times. Etc, etc. When its ended I shall put everyone who’s reblogged in a randomizer, and if you reblogged mulitple times your url will go in for how many times you’ve reblogged. (Hope that makes sense)


1st place : Multi-Chaptered Imagine with band member of your choice and an intricate fansign. (If you don’t want an imagine I’ll give you a promo for like a week instead)

2nd Place : Promo for 4 days, and a fansign

3rd Place : Promo for 3 days, and a fansign

4th place : Promo for 2 days and a fansgin

5th place : Promo for a day, and a fansgin

6th-15th place : fansigns!


Why Kristin, when does this end? 

The closing date for ALL reblogs (I won’t be accepting anymore after this) is SEPTEMBER  18th. 

(If this doesn’t go through well I’ll probably cry by the way, that pikachu took me an hour to draw.)

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