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Hey I'm Kristin. I love writing and playing my oboe.

oopsies forgot to give a frick


whatwhat three months clean my potatoes


do you ever need a five minute hug but only from like a specific person

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To my future wife…


When I die I want you to mix my ashes in a bowl of chili, then eat it. Just so I can tear that ass up one more time.

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what even is my blog at this point


yeah clowns and heights are scary and all but have u ever clogged your friends toilet

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*sexts at the Thanksgiving dinner table*

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i am tired af as fuck but i will not sleep because i am not weak

tired as fuck as fuck

did i stutter

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Why FCKH8 is NOT an Ally to the Queer Community
That time they made fun of asexuality and diversity of the queer community in one fell swoop
That time they became hypocrites about it to avoid being called acephobic (not to mention cissexist/ not trans* inclusive)
That time they used misogyny to empower cis gay men, alienate lesbians, forget about bisexuality, and be cissexist about all forms of sexuality
That time they stole ideas from queer charities to make a profit
That time they stole ideas from bloggers to make a profit
That time reviews show just how shitty they are at doing business anways
That time they paralleled racial segregation to the gay rights movement because they are definitely the same thing
That time they used stereotypes of Black women to render them into props
That time they ignored gender neutral pronouns, cited religion as a reason for doing so, and harassed someone over it
Basically all of the stuff folks are reporting on this tumblr I keep linking ya’ll to
They harass and disrespect people on their facebook page. They are actively cissexist, transphobic, asexual erasing, racist, sexist, and misogynist in order to sell shitty, overpriced t-shirts that they stole from charities. 
So in other words, fuck fckh8.
(I understand that a lot of parodies of fckh8 have recently appeared on tumblr and other social network websites. As far as I am aware none of the links I have posted above are parodies, and are actually associated with fckh8. 
If you notice any disparities, please let me know.)

friendly reminder that this is more reasons why you should not be a fan of fckh8 and the more i look at the tag the more bullshit by them appears


If you still support FCKH8 even after all the biphobia, fat phobia, sexism, transphobia and NOW trying to profit from Mike Brown’s death.

I got news for you: you’re a shitty activist

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Tumblr be like: why isn’t there platonic anal fingering????!!?! (uwu) friendly reminder it’s okay to lick a friends ass hole!!!

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sleeping naked is very dangerous bc if someone breaks into your house at night it would be very embarrassing to fight him off while naked


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